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What is a task?

A task is something you have to do or want to do. Write detailed information such as who will do what, how, and why in the task.

Task status

The task status represents the progress of the task. There are three task statuses:

  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Completed

Immediately after creating a task, the status is "not started". Change the status to 'In progress' when you start working on the task. Change the status to "Completed" when the task is complete.

By correctly reflecting the status of tasks, you can visually manage how much of your tasks you have left.

Task assignee

The task assignee is the person who actually performs the task. It is important to set the person in charge when managing tasks in a team of multiple people.

By assigning the right person in charge, you can share who is doing what within the team, and the project can proceed smoothly.

Other information

In addition, the following information can be set for the task.

  • Priority
  • Timebox
  • Tags